Toasty is a free SFW digital zine that revolves around bread. This is not limited to just sliced bread! There is a whole world of bagels, baos, pans, with toppings and fillings to explore!

What will you be eating today?

Meet the team

Graphics, Formatting, Organization — Twitter | Zine Experience

Hi. I'm Lucy and I think I accidentally started a bread cult. My favorite bread-related food is Shibuya toast, which is like a honey toast dessert topped with ice cream and fruits. I've been a graphics and formatting mod for many zines.

Communcations — Zine Experience

I love myself a good sandwich and a good burger. If you find yourself asking the question on whether or not a burger is a sandwich, a burger is a sandwich but a sandwich is not a burger. The same way a hotdog is a sandwich, but not vice versa. Don’t you dare argue with me and say that a hot dog is a taco because a taco is made out of a different set of starch.

Communcations — Twitter | Tumblr

Hi I'm Geary!! I draw, beta read, and bake breads. Fairly neutral about the croissant as bread debate.

Beta — Zine Experience | Twitter |Tumblr

Hi! I'm Liv and I'm mostly fueled by coffee and toast. I got canceled several weeks ago when my friends found out I eat toast with a fork and a knife.

Beta — Zine Experience | Twitter | Tumblr

Lucy said croissants weren’t bread and I refuse to believe her.

Beta — Carrd | Twitter | Tumblr

Hi, I'm Kei and I write and mod. I refuse to believe croissants aren't bread

Intern —  Twitter

Hi, I'm Em! I love cute things, desserts and kare pan. I think croiss ants are pastries, but I don't know if pastries are bread...

Intern —  Twitter

Hello I’m Les!! Avid ‘croissants deserve bread rights’ defender. I also fully believe bread is acceptable to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, supper, dessert, snack, second snack, pre-breakfast snack [cut for length].

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